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Introduction to Categorization

The Categorization API is designed to provide a rich, detailed categorization of your banking transactions, drilling down to a depth of three levels. This means that rather than simply seeing a transaction as "groceries" or "entertainment," you'll be able to view it in terms of specific categories and subcategories. For example, a transaction might be categorized as "Outflows > Leisure > Travel and vacation". This granular level of detail provides a clearer, more precise understanding of working with the transactional data.

One of the key benefits of the Categorization API is that it relies on Categorization Jobs. Whether you have a handful of transactions or thousands, the Categorization API will handle it in a background job for you. By utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms as well as other data sources, the API can accurately classify transactions, even in large volumes.

Start categorizing

This documentation will guide you through the process of using the Categorization API, from setting up your first request, to understanding the response data structure, and troubleshooting common issues.