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Quick start

To request consent, direct the end-user to the following link:

Use the following request parameters:

clientRequiredYour client ID
redirect_uriRequiredThe page the end-user is redirected to after completing the flow

An example of the resulting link with the request parameters:

Response parameters

consent_idRequiredA unique value used to identify this consent result.

2. Retrieve transactions

You can retrieve user's data using standard OAuth 2.0 authentication methods.

Retrieve access token

To retrieve an access token from the EnableNow API you can use standard OAuth Client Credentials flow using:

Use the following parameters:

client_id[Your Client ID]
client_secret[Your Client Secret]

The generated access token will be valid for 60 minutes.

Retrieve paged transactions

Using the access token transactions can be retrieved using the transactions endpoint:

Use the following request parameters:

consentIdRequiredThe Consent ID (retrieved as parameter from the consent redirect URI)
pageSizeOptional (default 100, maximum 1000)The number of results retrieved per page
pageTokenOptional (default empty)The pagetoken retrieves a specific result page. Leave empty to receive first page.

See the data-access transactions section for details on the response.