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Data structures

The following data structures are used within the EnableNow Categorization API.

Categorization Job

A Categorization Job is a task initiated to start the process of categorizing bank transactions. Once initiated, the Categorization Job runs in the background without waiting for the categorization to complete.

The job is designed to handle large volumes of transactions efficiently and provides a way to monitor its progress. You can request updates on the status of the Categorization Job at any time, which can be particularly helpful when categorizing large numbers of transactions. This asynchronous design ensures that the Categorization API is both robust and user-friendly.

A Categorization Job has one of the following statuses:

PENDINGThe job has been created but not yet started
INPROGRESSThe job is in progress
COMPLETEDThe job has completed
FAILEDThe job has failed


The Category object is a structured representation of the transaction category hierarchy. It is divided into four levels of detail (from l0Name to l3Name) and a code that uniquely identifies the category.

Here's a brief overview of each field:

  • l0Name: This represents the highest level of the category and the engine used. In the example provided. At the moment "Retail" is the only available categorization engine.
  • l1Name: This is the first sub-category. Can be "Inflows" or "Outflows".
  • l2Name: This is the second sub-category, providing an even more granular level of detail. In the example, it is "Income".
  • l3Name: This is the deepest level of categorization. In the example, "Variable income" falls under "Income".
  • code: This is a unique identifier for the category. It's a string of alphanumeric characters that corresponds to the specific category path from l0Name to l3Name. In the example, the code "R010102" represents the "Retail > Inflows > Income > Variable income" category.

Available categories

Level 1Level 2Level 3Code
InflowsIncomeFixed incomeR010101
InflowsIncomeVariable incomeR010102
InflowsIncomeInvestment incomeR010103
InflowsIncomeRent incomeR010104
InflowsIncomeOther income inflowsR010199
InflowsBenefits and subsidiesUnemployment benefitR010201
InflowsBenefits and subsidiesSickness benefitR010202
InflowsBenefits and subsidiesDisability benefitR010203
InflowsBenefits and subsidiesChildbirth benefitR010204
InflowsBenefits and subsidiesAssistance subsidyR010205
InflowsBenefits and subsidiesChildcare subsidyR010206
InflowsBenefits and subsidiesDay care subsidyR010207
InflowsBenefits and subsidiesHealthcare subsidyR010208
InflowsBenefits and subsidiesRent subsidyR010209
InflowsBenefits and subsidiesChild related budgetR010210
InflowsBenefits and subsidiesOther benefits and subsidies inflowsR010299
InflowsPensionState pensionR010301
InflowsPensionPersonal pensionR010302
InflowsPensionOther pension inflowsR010399
InflowsLoansConsumer loan inflowR010401
InflowsLoansStudent loan inflowR010402
InflowsLoansPrivate loan inflowR010403
InflowsLoansFlash loan inflowR010404
InflowsLoansOther loan inflowsR010499
InflowsAlimonyChild alimony inflowR010601
InflowsAlimonyPartner alimony inflowR010602
InflowsAlimonyOther alimony inflowsR010699
InflowsRefunds and reimbursementsReversal payment inflowR010701
InflowsRefunds and reimbursementsOther refunds and reimbursements inflowsR010799
InflowsInsuranceHealth insurance inflowR010801
InflowsInsuranceCar insurance inflowR010802
InflowsInsuranceOther insurance inflowsR010899
InflowsTaxTax returnR010901
InflowsTaxOther tax inflowsR010999
InflowsCash depositCash depositR011001
InflowsOtherOther inflowsR019999
InflowsInternal transactionsOther internal transaction inflowsR010099
OutflowsHousingReal estate purchaseR020103
OutflowsHousingRent depositR020104
OutflowsHousingOther housing outflowsR020199
OutflowsUtilitiesOther utilities outflowsR020299
OutflowsTaxCar taxR020301
OutflowsTaxMunicipal taxR020302
OutflowsTaxIncome taxR020303
OutflowsTaxOther tax outflowsR020399
OutflowsInsuranceHealth insurance outflowR020401
OutflowsInsuranceCar insurance outflowR020402
OutflowsInsuranceOther insurance outflowsR020499
OutflowsHome and leisureGroceriesR020501
OutflowsHome and leisureClothingR020502
OutflowsHome and leisureMedicalR020503
OutflowsHome and leisureEducationR020504
OutflowsHome and leisureDay care and out of school careR020505
OutflowsHome and leisureFinancialR020506
OutflowsHome and leisureRestaurants bars and clubsR020507
OutflowsHome and leisureTravel and vacationR020508
OutflowsHome and leisureCulture sports and recreationR020509
OutflowsHome and leisureOther home and leisure outflowsR020599
OutflowsMobilityCar leaseR020601
OutflowsMobilityCar costsR020602
OutflowsMobilityOther mobility outflowsR020699
OutflowsPension and investmentsInvestment outflowsR020801
OutflowsPension and investmentsPension outflowsR020802
OutflowsPension and investmentsOther pensions and investmentsR020899
OutflowsLoansStudent loan repaymentR020901
OutflowsLoansConsumer loan repaymentR020902
OutflowsLoansPrivate loan repaymentR020903
OutflowsLoansFlash loan repaymentR020904
OutflowsLoansBNPL repaymentR020905
OutflowsLoansOther loan repayment outflowsR020999
OutflowsFines and debt collectionFinesR021001
OutflowsAlimonyChild alimony outflowR021201
OutflowsAlimonyPartner alimony outflowR021202
OutflowsAlimonyOther alimony outflowsR021299
OutflowsRefunds and reimbursementsReversal payment outflowR021301
OutflowsRefunds and reimbursementsOther refunds and reimbursements outflowsR021399
OutflowsDebt collectionDebt collection agenciesR021401
OutflowsDebt collectionBailiffsR021402
OutflowsDebt collectionOther debt collectionR021499
OutflowsCashCash withdrawalR021501
OutflowsOtherOther outflowsR029999
OutflowsInternal transactionsOther internal transaction outflowsR020099