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App Screen

The App Screen is the interactive application you should redirect the end-user to start the flow of providing the neccessary consents of the bankaccounts for the end-user.

To initiate an end-user to start the flow, direct the end-user to the following link:

Use the following request parameters:

clientRequiredYour client ID
redirect_uriRequiredThe page the end-user is redirected to after completing the flow
sync_modeOptional (default 'full')Defines the way EnableNow handles the retrieving of account information after a consent is given, read the details of sync mode options on the sync mode section.
user_idOptionalUser ID (from pre-created user), used for User based access. Use this or the external_user_id. Not used on Consent based access.
external_user_idOptionalOwn unique external user ID (from pre-created user), used for User based access. Use this or the user_id. Not used on Consent based access.
providerOptionalThis parameter ensures that the AppScreen automatically selects a bank. Currently supported banks are shown on the providers page. Use the ProviderKey as the parameter.
log_levelOptionalThis parameter can be used when debugging consent issues. This can only be used when EnableNow support requested you to use this parameter. Currently supported values are:
  • debug
  • trace

All parameter values should be URL Encoded in the query string.

Redirect URI

The redirect URI's can be specified in the APP settings using the management portal.
A redirect URI can be any http URI or an app specific callback URL like: myapp://callback

An example of the resulting link with the request parameters:

Extra redirect URI parameters

Extra query string parameters in the redirect URI are ignored and just forwarded back when redirecting back to user. It is not neccessary to add these query strings in the redirect URI in the customer portal.

Response parameters

When the end-user finishes the flow, the end-user is redirected to the redirect_uri with the following parameters:

consent_idRequiredA unique value used to identify this consent result.

External users

When using the user_id or external_user_id parameter to start a User based access flow in the App Screen, be sure to supply the correct user_id or external_user_id to the AppScreen. If an existing user_id or external_user_id is passed in, the consents will be linked to the existing user and the current Consents for the selected accounts will be invalidated. See the invalidating data section for more information.


Do not use incremental values or values which can be easily guessed as external_user_id.
Do not use e-mail addresses or other privacy related data as external_user_id.

In that situation it is recommended to generate a random external_user_id when creating a user and use the generated user_id of EnableNow when calling the appscreen to prevent users to overwrite consents of other users.